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Pause. Calm. Recollect.

When we open our minds to things, it's amazing what we are capable of receiving. I am grateful, though it may have been in a hard way, that I had to learn this lesson recently. Because it opened me up to an opportunity to recollect, calm, and pause.

These 3 things: recollect, calm, and pause - have become things that I have learned aren't just things to keep me silent. They aren't just things to prevent me from telling truths.

But what these things have taught me, are vital to my growth, and I need to look back at this post, so I can remind myself, and hold myself accountable.

1.) Pause - When I learned to pause, instead of immediately respond, I learned to process. A vital part of life - communication - relationships of any type. And pausing helped me to see things for what they truly were, not what I was always quickly rushing to see, or assume, or want to think was occurring or I was hearing.

2.) Calm - Because I have been able to pause and see things both past and pres…