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Darling, you see, no heroes are coming for you. Grab your sword, and don your own armor. - Emily Palermo

Yesterday my sweet Bella, aka Addy, taught Emily Ruth 'Uh oh'. It was adorable, and cute, and sweet - especially hearing my two daughters play together (ignore the diaper butt!):
But then Em realized that she can say 'uh oh' to pretty much anything - throwing her self down, throwing toys, slapping ME, biting ME, etc - and just say 'uh oh' - and then laugh hysterically... The cute ran out at that point. (Okay, it's still slightly cute, but need to break her of the bad part of it!).
She's recently started walking with her walker, pulling herself up in her crib, and on couches, and pretty much anything that allows her to stand up - which means walking is probably soon around the corner. (Enter mommy version of 'Uh oh!')
She kisses "smack" like crazy (including in her sleep the other evening!) , will put her head/cheek to you when she wants a kiss (and repeat it until you give her a kiss!), and loves to 'be gentle' with hair brus…