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You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

The day I was going to get baptized, I sat in my apartment getting 'ready' - listening to two songs:

1. Ben Gibbard "Indian Summer"
2. Tenth Avenue North - "By Your Side"

The 2nd song I reckon makes more 'sense' - but both songs were not 'LDS'. Both songs reminded me that despite my imperfections, I was somehow loved. That I didn't need to earn it - that it was there, just ready for me to grasp.

As I drove away from my baptism - expecting to feel some amazing powerful change. To see 'Jesus in my eyes' - assuming that the same decision I had made 8 years prior - would reflect the same feelings, emotions, and sense of peace.

In fact - the next day? The next day I spoke about how perfect the fact of it being 8 years since my 'original baptism' (at least in their church) was - because 8 flipped over represented eternity - and this time I was being baptized for eternity - no matter what.

(Preface: in order to protect those who…

G, C, D, Em - time of your life

Typing with nearly bloody fingers, finally having picked up my guitar yesterday for the first time in nearly 9 months - well, though even the interaction was brief, and still left my non-calloused fingers 'feeling it' - it was heavenly.

Emily Ruth sat next to me as I stroked songs and sang to her, as she clapped and laughed and smiled. Even more delightful that it was for me - it was delightful for her. She loves music - and despite my poor stroking of a guitar and terrible off key voice, she made me feel like I was a rockstar in front of a stage of a million fans. I love that little girl more than anything.

At 13, sitting in a neighbor kids basement, I learned to play my first song on the guitar. Good Riddance (time of your life) by green day. I don't even remember the kids name now, but I can recall that very moment and scene like it was yesterday.

Those basic G, C, D and Em chords were the foundation of my infatuation with guitar.

And guitar has been one of my go to rel…

You are never alone, I promise you that.

Maybe you know who Robert Robinson is - but perhaps you don't.
Robert Robinson was a labeled a 'wild youth. Robert was quite young when his father died, and with a mother left with little to no help - this meant two things:
1.) Robert had to work from a very young age  (far different than our typical situations here in the US in 2016) 2.) Because of his immediate necessity to 'grow up' - Robert had no example to look up to, and thus found himself looking up to the wrong type of people.
Falling into ' bad company ', Robert struggled for many years to even know, let alone follow, what was 'right' vs what was 'wrong'. One day, Robert through a mirage of circumstances, met with a woman that pointed her finger at him (among a large group) and said he would live to see his children and grandchildren.Realizing what living to see not only his own children, but his children's children, meant, Robert realized he needed to change the way of his rebell…

Blair Pettrey - the Journey That's Just Beginning

I oft think about where I am in life - vs. where I thought I would be 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 5 years ago, even 2 years ago.

Lately, because of the time of the year and events that are about to come - the last 2 years have been on my mind quite heavily.

I oft have to stop and remind myself, how different life would be, if I actually allowed myself to think or believe that what transpired, had not. Most importantly, how I would not have my sweet #lilmisspettrey if I had not met that person or moved or any of that.

Perhaps things have taken quite a different path than I ever thought - but I am really quite okay with this path. I like this 'me' I'm (re)discovering.

I have quite the journey a head of me. But that journey contains such mystery and possibility that it I'm not scared anymore. I'm not scared of what I do not know, and I'm not scared of what I do know.

I never thought I could do many of the things I've actually done in life. And yet I do them …