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"This year for thanksgiving I'm keeping my list short..."

I sat down at my laptop, to begin that impossible card: the Christmas card. Where I write about the past year, and where my 2 (oh wait, 3!) amazing lil's are, and all that has transpired in the past year.

What amazed me, as I continued to write... from the first sentence, to every sentence onward - I just wrote the most positive things ever.

In fact, I wrote that the 30th year of my life was the best year of my life yet.

Because I had a family (even if it's merely a "chosen" one). Because I had an amazing career. Because I had an amazing support network. But most importantly, I had the three children that completed my heart.

I was so afraid that I would write about the heartache the past year and a half had been.
I was afraid I would be consumed by the things that didn't happen, the people that didn't step forward, or the shortcomings.

But so quickly into that letter? I realized how blessed I truly am. Not in the Southern 'Bless Your Heart' sense. But…