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(p.s. never stop ROARing or SOARing in your own life… I sure won’t! ♥

I started this blog in December 2008. I had some very simple goals in my mind that I wanted to accomplish - and many times I have set goals, tracked them, monitored my progress through them, and utilized my blog as a place to share those journeys.

For life is nothing but a journey - no matter how long or short, no matter how 'easy' or 'difficult' it may be seem - we all end up just distant memories in the end.

I wrote when times were hard. I wrote when times were easy. But (most of the time) I tried my hardest to continue to write - so that others could see that I am human - I have struggles - I face my own personal demons, battles, and obstacles - but eventually, even when in the moment it seems endless and unceasing - I come out of those times, battles, and conquer those demons.

I wrote so that if just one person struggling in this world we lived in , happened to end up on my blog, they would know that there is hope - despite the cloudiest of days and times - there i…