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When you love someone, but it goes to waste...

When I was LDS, I had the lyrics to Coldplay's "Fix You" printed and inserted in my Book of Mormon - as a reminder, that Heavenly Father is our ultimate 'fixer' and protector. No matter if life seemed to be hard, impossible, or even easy - Heavenly Father was my ultimate  guide and light. 
Today is Ash Wednesday - the official beginning of my favorite season of the liturgical calendar. A season for reflection, reminder, and reconciliation. With G-d, with others, and as my old priest said - even sometimes, with ourselves.

I'm committed to spending the next 40(6) days in a meaningful way, as a I prepare and collect myself - and begin to reconcile with myself, so that in return, I can reconcile with my loving Father in Heaven, and others.

The nights of tears, the endless thoughts of regrets, the overwhelming moments of anger or bitterness are harming me - mentally and physically - and I can not live this way anymore. I spent 4.5 months begging, pleading, and per…