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Aaron Shust - My Savior, My G-d

I first heard this song when I became active in the Christian church again whilst living in Utah (after leaving the LDS church). It has been one of my absolute favorite worship songs since - and like many songs, has spoken to me at different times, during different trials in my life.

Driving home from peeing in a cup (aka taking a pre-employment drug test) the song came on - immediately following a blow out tear fest from realizing I would have been married 2 months yesterday.

I digress.

I fervently listened to the lyrics - perhaps more intentionally so than I ever have.

"I am not skilled to understand
What God has willed what God Has planned"

Remember how I just wrote about knowing Heavenly Father has a plan - and that I need only be patient and it will unfold? Yeah... Reminder to Self!
Perhaps easier said than done -and perhaps easier to swallow than willfully accept - but the fact that I am reminded time and time again - despite my selfish rant and pleas - means  He is list…