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2015 and Adoption

2015, I'm determined, is going to be a good year. 
With recently relocating back to Maryland, starting an amazing new career, and all the plethora of good that is headed my way, I truly believe that good will come about.

2014 - as I've been no stranger to sharing, was a hard year. My goal, however, is to take what I have learned from the hardships and trials of 2014, and see the valuable lessons in them, so that I can continue to grow and excel.

The past several days have been a huge hodgepodge of emotion... and quite honestly, have left me feeling beyond angry and upset. Emotions that are not healthy - for me, or for lil sweetpea.

Learning that the father of your child denies any responsibility and the reality of your situation - was a shock, and a heartbreaking shock at that. As hard as not talking to the man you love - who you were supposed to marry and spend the rest of your life with is, learning he denies his own child - is even harder.

However, I guess it makes it that …