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The final FYI I will ever give the (political) liberty of:

So, (MORE) than a year later - I want to clear the air.

While I may have once had a fixation on studying about Marx - I never claimed (ever) to be a Marxist. I DID however, (if you read back through the history of this blog I started over 5 years ago) - claim for some time to be an Anarchist.

If you're unaware of the ENTIRE foundation of differences between Marxism and Anarchsim - let me point you here.

And while for over a year - I've tried hard to avoid any controversial issue on social media or even in public situations - I have gotten quite agitated... to say the least.

And the more and more I get ... agitated... frustrated... upset... PISSED OFF...  The more and more I realize that it's the VERY foundation of what made me believe in Anarchy - that allows me to have believe in the libertarian movement.

I. Don't. Want. The. Government. Controlling. Me. or you!
I don't want my religious or personal beliefs to interfere with someones rights.
I …