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"You are worth all our pain and all our praise...."

Yesterday, on the way home from visiting the boyfriend (whom lives in Columbia, SC) – I did something I had wanted to do since first visiting him – I drove past the LDS temple.
It was late... Nearly 10 pm – I was tired. The drive would add an extra half an hour to my already 2.5hr commute homeward – but I truly wanted to.
This past weekend was the LDS's church biannual “General Conference” (see here).
I have always, for some reason, remembered and been 'conscious' of the first weekend's of April and October – because that is when conference is.

 Whether I was an active member – or I was out at Temple Square with the “We Love Mormons” group – trying to convince the 'protestors' that their way of sharing the gospel – wasn't going to lead anyone, anywhere... Or whether I just be in-tune to the fact suddenly for a weekend twice a year, my Facebook feed was hijacked with LDS quotes/printables/thoughts/photos/etc. Even in recent years, when I've not been active…