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To My Mini-Me's

There are two mini me's walking this earth who deserve to always know the following, and somehow I hope they are always reminded of that.

I love you. There is no ounce of my heart, soul or being that doesn't.

I am so ashamed and hate myself for making you have a mother like me.

Not to say your father wasn't far from perfect, but in mortal life we're handed straws and I got the short one.

I will never stop loving you, with my very last breath each of you will be my thought. The love and compassion you have for each other is something I so desperately wish I had with my own siblings. You both have such forgiving, understanding, loving and welcoming hearts. It takes most their entire life to ever reach that. You both were blessed at such a young age!

Please, make it a priority to never lose that!

There is no shortage of words, gratitude, love or memory I could begin to share. As just rightfully so, there is no shortage of apologies that I could ever express to say I am sorr…