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I always wondered if I would ever go back...

Since my first encounter, at 17; when I contacted the LDS missionaries in hopes of 'converting them'; my desire began. What that desire was, til this day I'm not sure. But a desire has existed.

A desire, to somehow, every day, for the past 11 years, bring up that church; that faith; that religion; that belief. Whether in hostile conversation with an ex member, whether with compassion and empathetic understanding with a current member, or somewhere in between the two - it finds its way.

People hear I went to school in Utah; or I am wearing a Utah Utes shirt/hoodie/whatever - and they laugh. I've been told on more than one occasion they didn't realize was selling Utah/Mormon shirts now.

Am I truly that worldly, to be not of that faith? Do I resemble too much of those I desire least - to be recognized for a 'Mormon'?

Regardless... I never thought I would actually go back - and then, after moving to Frederick 2.5 years ago; on a whim, I finally…

10 years and counting...

October 13, 2003. I had the crazy idea to move to Utah on a whim. Things at home had gotten beyond bearable, and because I had recently joined the LDS church, in my head - I figured, why not move to Utah? 2 days later, on October 15, 2003 - I packed my tiny Honda Civic with what I could, and moved.

I've always thought I lived in Utah a lot longer; in my head it was 10 years.. oh wait, that's too long, must of been 8 years... it wasn't until literally thinking about this 10 year 'anniversary', that I realized I actually only lived in Utah for 6 years. 6 years of a lifetime; but yet what a lifetime occurred in those 6 years.

It seems every monumental 'Mormon' holiday (anniversary) I write about my love/appreciation/nostalgia/etc for those who helped my walk, who are a significant part of my journey, and the experience, opportunity, and lessons that I learned because of such a crazy choice to move to Utah when I was (barely) 18.

Thus; there's probably no …