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He came to REDEEM not to DEFINE.

I preface this by asking that you do not misconstrue any of what I say; to say that I believe that life was meant to be easy. As in no way, I believe that is the case. I have written in the past; and I stand by it, that no where in the bible does G-d promise us that life was meant to be easy. That said; He also doesn't tell us He wants us to be miserable. I truly believe that Heavenly Father, wants us to be happy, despite our circumstances, so long as we are trying to cling towards Him. (Happiness: See Psalm 1:1-6, Psalm 37:4, 1 Thes. 5:16, etc.)

I know that I have shared in the past my staunch ' ways' that I once held so close to. And while it may not make sense; as I was once this 'liberally' minded individual, who even in 2012 voted for Gay marriage to pass in Maryland - it seems as soon as those around me seemed to be 'un-accepting' of such; I became that staunch, ignorant conservative.

However, ironically as it may seem, the closer I draw to my faith;…