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5 Days Before Turning 28

My life has been quite the journey.
One that had someone asked me 10 years ago, 5 days before I turned 18, if this is where it would end up; I would certainly say of course not. Full of my personal share of mistakes, that I swore I would never make; full of heartbreak, I would have sworn I'd never face. But the reality is, the culmination of the past 10 years, has created 'me'. A 'Me' I never thought I would know, because I was unable to know 'me'. Thus, first, let me define 'me'. As a lover of dictionaries and definitions (to the point of owning several dictionaries, walking around with a dictionary (like actual book, not my phone) always)... I define for you; Blair.

Blair: A Dreamer Believer. Of possibility; of hope. Of potential, in both myself and in others. In things, in places, in opportunities. A devout friend. Too Forgiving. Undervaluing of self; overvaluing of others. But refuses to ever change that. Humble. Easily excited – easily hurt. Bu…