09 April, 2013

The more you express gratitude for what you have...

... the more you will have to express gratitude for.
 - Zig Ziglar

Life has been good lately.
Really good.
Alas, nothing can be perfect. 
But I'm networking,
and making contacts, 
and more so improving me,
so that hopefully,
'that status',
will soon thus change.

That aside... 
The good.
Getting to sit on both the House & Senate floor,
(The senate floor as they held their final sb281 vote, which of course was passed, hello tyranny in Maryland...).
Meeting the wonderful politicians that have fought so hard,
 as a minority,
as the rest of Maryland's representatives took away so many of our liberties & rights.

(Me, with the amazing Delegate Michael Smigiel from Cecil/Queen Annes/Kent County's)

(Maryland House of Representatives)

I've been helping to support the campaigns,
the causes,
and the people,
that I not only believe in dearly,
but I know that will one day support my own ventures.

                                                            I've been able to spend time developing,
and lovelingly growing,

Developing & Expanding causes I'm passionate about,
A relationship I could never be without,
and a life I never want to be without,

Pretty much,
I've been blessed.
Beyond Measure.
Beyond anything I ever anticipated,
or expected,
on a course I never anticipated or expected,
but because I have a loving Creator,
whom I serve graciously, 
even during the storms & trials,
I have been blessed.

 I am here.
And in the moment.
And I'm okay.