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Trusting HIS will - not my OWN desire.

For the past [near] two  months, I've spent my personal meditation/prayer time, asking G-d that I can begin to understand his plan - not my own. That I will be able to discover my true dream and purpose - but know that at any moment, what I 'think' is my 'true dream and purpose' can be adjusted/re-directed, to more truly match Heavenly Father's plan and purpose for me and my life.

This is no easy task, I do assure any of you that read this - because, that means I have to accept each and every difficult thing I've faced in my life. And more so, I must hold my own self responsible for any and all actions I've taken - knowing that there is a reason I made them, and that eventually it will all work out and make sense.

As I was playing some mindless game on the computer [Bejeweled] waiting for time to pass because I actually woke up early for church this morning ( sure, I probably should have spent it reading scriptures/etc, but alas...] Anyhow, it occured t…