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You know... I'm not sure how many cults you've been a member of, but hopefully it's two less than me. And hopefully, unlike Peter, I'm not out to deny Christ a third time- but that doesn't mean the pull from these two 'organizations' isn't strong. When you have been so deeply engrained to believe something - it's very, very hard to separate yourself from it - and further, it's very hard to understand the realities vs the lies.

When Alex and I first met - I was a member of the LDS church. I had been a member for 6 years, had my records removed, and then for some reason unbeknownst to me now, got re-baptised, last July. The relentlessness that I had felt for the few years I had been 'inactive' - the people who turned their back on me, the closed-offness that people became towards me , all was swept under the carpet when I got rebaptised - and I, unfortunately, in the past - was rather susceptible to attention, and really I thrived in it. I…