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Even if the world ended tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today.

A. Holy snap, it's been almost 3 years since I got my BS. And just as the title states - it's been used as such. B. Minus the 75 chins I have in this photo, you can at least see that there is something written on my mortarboard... it read: "Even if the world ended tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today" With a big beautiful Anarchy symbol in the middle. I will have to snap a photo... (see awful quality phone picture below) C. I still love the following photos of my anamcara (even though she hates them) 4 years later...:

D. Still the best birthday ever:
E. I admit, I miss the family:

F. I wish I did such silly things just to make those ridiculously good friends I had created, smile:
G. My hair, right before I cut it 20 months ago ( My hair would be disgustingly mermaid long had I not cut it, dang it):
H. Damn, I surely was fooled (many times over...) (the last 'celebrated' anniversary):
I. I adore these :

And I truly believe, that I am capable of being the mightiest.

On Sunday I went to church specifically at a location, merely because I knew the priest was once Mormon. To be honest – and quite frank – at one point in my life, I may have found this man ‘obnoxious’. And as abrupt as that may seem – in reality, it merely means he hits the truths and realities that so many ministers/pastors/priests/whatever’s fear to touch on – and in a really, well…candid way. He does things because of love – not because others may see it as right or not. In conversing with him – I felt like I was talking to an ‘older’ male version of myself – and that alone got me thinking about how I present myself, ha! But really – he was straight forward, unashamed and much grounded in what he thought and felt was right and what was wrong. And who am I to knock one for being so assertive in sharing what they feel as 100% truth?
But then he gave his ‘sermon’ (or whatever the equivalent term is in the Episcopal Church). And holy macro – way to speak to my gut.
I’d be a big fat liar …