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Questions & Sureties

On August 20, 2003 - 3 days prior to my original baptism into the LDS church, I wrote in my 'spiritual' blog (which is really just a couple random musings of my religious journey when I was younger) the following:

dear heavenly father; i come to you with tears in my eyes. tears of last minute confusion. Heavenly Father; is what I'm doing wrong... is what I am doing agaisnt you.. your word? Father it all makes so much sense, everything. You showed me truth, multiple times in many many different ways. you gave me the exact verses that I prayed, and I know that it was from you ... because I don't know the book of mormon, you just knew where I had to read. You gave me complete love of a church, where I thought I would hate because it was the exact opposite of what I was used to; of what I thought I truly loved & adored.. but you made it clear that church was for you, and you alone. Heavenly father, would i be this nervous? I know I am happy too; but theres still so much…