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The Lord is with me, what can mortals do against me?

When I was 13, I ‘found’ Jesus. Meaning – I went from knowing who Jesus was, to truly accepting him as my personal savior. It wasn’t the ‘cool’ thing to do – I got mocked a lot in school for my devout compassion & commitment to my Lord – because I went from ‘trying’ to fit in, to just being who the Lord had created me to be – and not being ashamed of that.

Come high school – I had grown a deeper and ever-continuously developing love and knowledge of the Lord. I went to youth group 3x a week – at 3 different churches (denominations), because I, even at such a young age – knew that the body of Christ was the church – not a physical building or denominational title. But even in all my strength – eventually a darkness overcame me, and I became a completely different person.
But the summer I was 17, I went to this amazing camp called centrifuge, which was ‘Baptist’ but very similar to the ‘non-denominational’ worshipy church I had been going to since 13. It consumed me, and my heart wa…