21 July, 2011

True religion is the life we lead, not the creed we profess. - Louis Nizer

I will never be the person to tell someone else that if they don't believe as I do; they are doomed.  Not that my faith teaches that - but more so, because I have very strong and personal convictions that feels that's not accurate. We're all here on this earth, with different paths... different trials, struggles, ease's, joys, tribulations, etc. Every individual deserves the right to be thoughtful and mindful to whether or not they chose to believe or accept one thing vs another - each thing.

Religion, personally speaking, to me is a very huge thing for one to outwardly accept. While I consider myself a true believing member of the LDS church; I also know that there are error's in mans ways...

What matters most to me, is that in my heart of hearts, I know that I have a loving father in heaven, who understands my struggles, who knows me individually, and who truly intervenes in my life. I aim to live a good, moral life, not because my religion tells me to - but because I want to please my father in heaven, and because I want to be a person who stands as grounded in good.

I think that every individual deserves the right to run after their dreams, and find their personal beliefs & morals; not be brainwashed by a society, a culture, family or friends, religion or threats. I have seen people of all different walks and paths of life find a greater purpose in meaning, living lives of beauty and true good. Atheists, Mormons, Holy Rolly Christians, Muslims, JDubs, UU's, etc.

I wish that each person that I knew could feel the love and peace that I have as a member of the LDS church; however I know that people find peace and G-d in their own ways - some choose to call G-d by another name, some choose to look in the mirror and be grateful for their own personal intervening power. And I'm okay with that... and I will always be okay with that. My  love will never end for someone because our path's aren't identical. It's a matter of being on a journey to finding what you believe; and knowing that journey should never cease. You may get comfortable, but don't ever stop being open.