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How Transformations Changed My Life:

I had heard about this women's gym near my house, called "Transformations". But I assumed it was a typical "Curves" knock off - which I had done when I was 14 - and I'm not in to the high cost/low payoff circuit training thing. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure for some circuit training/Curves is beneficial - it's just not my thing.

In July, my neighbor and I did a 2 week trial at Transformations. July 5th was the start date (it was so beyond transformational, ha, that I remember my start date). For our 2 week trial, I never once took a 'class'. I simply did the machines: cardio (treadmill, arc trainer) and some free weights. After the 2 week trial, I waited 2 weeks to sign up. For 2 weeks all I thought about was joining this damn gym - I had never experienced such an awesome gym. It was a bunch of women - of all shapes, sizes, & ages - who were there simply to accomplish one thing: optimal health. Whether that meant loosing weight, sta…