22 November, 2010

Running Mix, 11/22 - 11/28

Lists, I love them, they help me, I've already explained this.
Here's my current running playlist for this week.
My BPM is not synced to my current pace, but if I was to match my pace, a.) I'd never be inspired to move faster, heh! and b.)I'd be giving in to running my slow pace. That being said, I think I keep close enough to the BPM to make it beneficial... (AND, BPM Running? Freaking awesome for ADD!)

I also ran outside for the first time in a long long time. How different, running on a treadmill at the gym is compared to outside - I loved running outside, because I would constantly give my self 'land marks' "Run to that, ok you've reached that, now keep going til ___" etc so I was really encouraged to not giving up and was able to run a lot longer than normal - but I'm sure I was running 10x slower (really) than I do at the gym, because I have been able to master about 9(+/-) miles at the gym, and today I ran 5 miles in 56 minutes - not impressive.

That being said, Saturday morning (though on a treadmill) I ran my 5 miles in my first ever 5k time (45:25). I ran my first 5k, with out any training at all, at 220 pounds, in 2008 uphill at the University of Utah. In October (2010) I ran my next 5k, after just having surgery and thus not being able to train (and was told over&over not to exercise, so don't tell my doctor!:). I 'ran' it in 38. So even since October 3rd (2nd 5k), I've managed to get my 'run' from 12 minute miles (ha) to 9 minute miles (treadmill) and 11minute miles outdoors ( a huge improvement over my 14 minute miles in 2008 ).

Ideally, I'll be running 8-9 minute miles outdoors, but for now my focus is 10 minute miles outdoors. It's hard focusing so much on running when I know I'm 'missing' things at the gym (since I'm a cardio class lover freak!), and I think I'm "burning" more in my classes at the gym, but that being said - I'm training my body to do what I once loved - running. Back in anorexia days (aka age 14/15) I was easily running 10 miles in ~90 minutes - so I know underneath all this grossness, my body's a (relatively short) distance runner!

Now, the music:

Love me Do-The Beatles ' 62 (148 BPM)

Linkin Park – Waiting for the End ( 171 BPM)
(I'm really super loving this song!! ^)

They Don't Care About Us – Michael Jackson (181 BPM)

Mrs Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel (184 BPM)

Bloc Party-Like Eating Glass (?)

Fort Minor – Where'd you go (180BPM)

Melissa Etheridge - I run for life (190BPM)

Jai Ho (132 BPM) (cool down)

(Edited to add: just running that, that's really damned short - oh well x2 works!) :)