23 September, 2010


I was always the tomboy - I always wanted to play sports, was first picked in gym class (at least amongst the girls... ) I would have much rather been outside with the boys than inside playing 'house', in fact I was the one playing 'video games' while my friends got dolled up during house. Since I can remember I have felt proud that I got to wear pants! I always have had a deep love for history and culture, and every summer my aunt would feed my history loving soul a visit to a different Virginia historical home site of someone famous (or of the sort). I loved the houses, I loved seeing the times, I loved everything about it- but I was never one of those girls who wished that in our times we dressed up like that. I was even more grateful that I got to wear pants in this time!

Not that pants define who I am as a woman, and of course I do like playing 'pretty woman' every so often now, but it's just a mere example, that since I could remember - I've been a feminist. I have never thought for a single second in my existence, that because of my gender I could not do something males could. I was raised by a stay at home mom for the most part - but my mother and my grandmother have both been strong examples of the power of women in my life - even with the faults and flaws, that we all have has humans.

My mother - teaching me one of the (if not -the-) most valuable lessons I will ever learn - it's never too late. For anything. Every day she seems to be doing something new - taking on something new, learning something new, beginning a new journey, delving into some new experience. She had her moments of weakness - again, as we all do - but she worked through them, moved on, and didn't let age or time stop her. Whether she thinks of herself as one or not, she's a huge feminist influence in my life.

My grandmother's husband died at a young age - my mom was only 12. My grandmother was left in a time, where it was uncommon for women to work outside the home - to raise 3 daughters on her own. She worked hard every day of her life - she paid for 3 girls to goto college, so that they could have a better life for themselves, 3 weddings, etc. Even with her 'timely' manners and age, she is still a powerful woman, and another great example of feminist influence in my life. My mom and my 2 aunts, though very feminine and 'dainty' have all been wonderful examples of the strength and power women are capable of.

Something I didn't learn until just recently, was that Margaret Sanger was born on my birthday. I found that inspiring, empowering, and moving. Someone who fought so hard for the rights of women's bodies - and the eternities found fit that I should be born on the date of her birth.

I recently experienced a situation, that I in a million years, never saw myself facing. (I say that a lot though, don't I?) But truly - this was a complete shock. More so, the way I felt afterwards - liberated, empowered, strengthened; I never thought I would feel. But the experience has absolutely moved & changed me, the feelings I feel are so strong - While of course, I wish circumstances would have been different for the sake of my own selfish reasons, I never thought that I would come out such a stronger & different person. I thought that I would face darkness and sadness - when truly, I feel liberated - a wonderful way to learn and grow this 25th year of life.