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About Blair Pettrey

I am Blair Pettrey; a barely qualifying millenial. I have a family of my own whom I love and respect more than I could ever begin to write about. Additionally, I have a few amazing friends who continuously show their love and support for me,of which I cant explain my gratitude for. I love run on sentences, being verbose, and have a tendency to stop mid-sentence and not complete my thoughts. I get attached to people much too easily, much too soon. I'm overly honest and am slowly learning how to be tactful.

Mindful health and movement have changed my life. I listen to an eclectic sum of music. I relish on the past, but eagerly await the future. I hope that one day I can learn to live for the present.

This site is a mere rambling of the thoughts and experiences of my life.  

It is a project of myself; for myself.