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So this is Christmas (aka 2016) - and professionally it was awesome.

I preface this: 1.) I'm verbose, what else is new. 2.) I rarely ever share ( I think it's been over a year?) stuff from my blog on my social media worlds - But this is important, so I'm going to be both verbose and I'm going to share.

I remember living in North Carolina... so anxiously eager and excited to have an opportunity to 'move home'. I was 3 months pregnant but of course my potential employers didn't know. When I accepted a job at AOPA I had no idea how amazing and revolutionary it would be - not just professionally, but personally.

I met some of the most amazing people I will ever know because of AOPA(too many to name). And I connected with others (DK) in a real way. But then I referred someone - not just someone, I referred the person that would become my boss. And what a freaking struggle that was. But this isn't about that.

This is about what happened because of that referral. After months of realizing I was in hell - I randomly applied for…