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He may serve as President.

I have been very silent when it comes to politics this season. I did not vote in the primary election. I barely registered in time to vote in the general - which was even a shock that I did myself in fact do (register that is).

I just didn't care - I felt hopeless - I felt that America had not only ripped opportunity and given us two candidates in both parties that didn't represent "us" or "we" but in which neither helped or offered hope.

And while yes, yesterday I voted - I had no idea who or what or how I was going to - and thankfully, I live in a state where my vote (at least for presidential candidates) truly doesn't matter.

But even walking away, I didn't feel good. I felt sick walking in - and I felt sick walking out. There was no hope or change or power in my vote yesterday - and I knew that. There was no excitement or empowerment or belief that I could run and tell my children that I thought I helped contribute to something better for their …