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G-d's Presence Beginning Young

As a current member of a high Episcopal/Anglican church (and have been for many years), I have begun transitioning to even more of the liturgical and saint focused aspects of the Anglican Catholic church. While the high Episcopal/Anglican church does utilize rosaries, the prayers are non specific, as they are in the typical Roman Catholic church.

While our prayers have slightly changed lately as our walk in Christ has begun to grow, the repetitiveness of our nightly prayers and rosary use - is amazing to see. Em knows exactly where to go get her beads every night when it's bed time, and she while she can't kneel yet, she will full body lay on her beads - and I will join her.

We pray a compline prayer, or even pray the Catholic Rosary - and the fact that my 17 month old daughter can sit there in complete and utter contemplation as we praise and reflect and connect with our Savior and those around him - well it's probably the most amazing thing to see.

Next to her powerful and strong AMEN's! One of the first words she learned, and one of the coolest mom moments I have had  - I still pat myself on the back over that one.

After her powerful Amen, she will pull out the drawer where her rosary goes, and put it away.

Again - pretty dang impressive for a 17 month old to be that connected and instilled in what we are commanded to do as Christians - and more so as members of his true Church.

I read this thing on Facebook earlier today - that its not that churches don't have enough rock and roll worship, or Sunday School fun or whatever to draw children and teens into the church- it's that there's not enough Jesus happening at home. I hope that Emily Ruth looks back one day at the strength of her namesake (Ruth) and her strong belief system that she has so proudly taken upon herself already - and is grateful that I as her momma, raised her right.

Heavenly Father - may my efforts to love You, outweigh the world that wants to place anxiety in my mind and heart. May I continue to follow You on Your true path, knowing that I am raising my children to grow up knowing and loving You, as well as sharing that true knowledge of what true Christ like love is with others.