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The Lord Stands Beside Us

I have another post that I wrote a couple days ago.
It is sitting in my 'drafts' folder. It's done - it's finalized. But is it something I really want to share? Not today. Not now. And yet, it's probably one of the most empowering, and important messages I have ever written on this 'silly' blog.

Yet, what I am about to share is right up there - and I am grateful that this one is a bit more uplifting, despite my attempts at making the previously mentioned post 'uplifting' when it was an intransigent and negative experience - but one that allowed me to move on, and feel empowered. Empowered for myself, for my children, and for others in similar situations.

I digress.

We are all faced with times of doubt. With times of hardship. With times where our actions, decisions, and thoughts even make our own selves question what we were thinking when we acted (or reacted) in such a manner.

No matter who you are - there are moments, situations and split seconds …

The darkness followed me as I grew up too - and yet I somehow still haven't given up.

Let me tell anyone struggling.
Anyone hurting.
Anyone facing hard times.

In my life? I've too faced unfortunately countless times of pain, hurt, and anguish.
I've had the adversity of life completely overwhelm me in moments.

I've been beaten, raped, and threatened by a figure I should have only looked up to, loved, and trusted.

I've struggled with anorexia, obesity, and every other eating too much/barely eating/exercising too much/not being able to move at all/etc moment Yeah. I've been at both ends. Both multiple times.

I've dealt with heartache that consumes you and nearly overtakes you.
Heartache that just seems to - NEVER.GO.AWAY.
Heartache that makes you fall to the floor, and cry and beg and plead - day after day - shower after shower - "Why me?!"

More times than I want to admit has my heart been crushed. By more people than I thought was even possible.

I've had children - children when I was far too young, and a child when I was probably f…