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G, C, D, Em - time of your life

Typing with nearly bloody fingers, finally having picked up my guitar yesterday for the first time in nearly 9 months - well, though even the interaction was brief, and still left my non-calloused fingers 'feeling it' - it was heavenly.

Emily Ruth sat next to me as I stroked songs and sang to her, as she clapped and laughed and smiled. Even more delightful that it was for me - it was delightful for her. She loves music - and despite my poor stroking of a guitar and terrible off key voice, she made me feel like I was a rockstar in front of a stage of a million fans. I love that little girl more than anything.

At 13, sitting in a neighbor kids basement, I learned to play my first song on the guitar. Good Riddance (time of your life) by green day. I don't even remember the kids name now, but I can recall that very moment and scene like it was yesterday.

Those basic G, C, D and Em chords were the foundation of my infatuation with guitar.

And guitar has been one of my go to releases for 17+ years since.

I began my infatuation with musical instruments from a young age, because I had a mother who was a piano teacher. (And quite frankly, one of the most talented piano players I've ever heard.)

As children, we were always involved in music - encouraged to play, practice and perform. Piano at such a young age, laid a foundation, knowledge and understanding of musical theory that helped me pick up instruments in later ages and quickly be able to learn them. Whether it was violin, flute, oboe, or my trusty guitar.

Regardless, I will never be more grateful for any experience, opportunity or lesson, more than I am for the foundation that piano gave me - because it lead me to a guitar at 13. And my guitar has gone with me everywhere since.

Even when I've lost everything - I've always had my guitar. If there was a fire and I had to risk everything in my home (of course, besides my daughter), I would make sure that guitar came with me.

It's not even a fantastic or expensive guitar. It's a black, acoustic fender from Music & Arts in Severna Park. I decked it out with a GGD (goo goo dolls sticker) when I was 14 that still remains. There's memories of a one time political sticker. Strung currently with pink strings, that a friend of mine put on nearly 2 years ago (because that's how oft I don't play my guitar anymore). And as unimpressive as it is, it's probably the only material possession I truly value.

But when it comes to my guitar - regardless of what it sounds like when I play - it has been a constant in my life and I'm grateful that I have an at least somewhat talent enough to turn to when I just need to express. When I want to sing and play and just perform, whether it's for no one, or if it's just for Emily Ruth - my guitar has been with me for 17 years and I am grateful for it.

And for what it's worth? I have a feeling it's not just going to be me loving to play this guitar!