30 March, 2016

Hey World - It's me: Blair Pettrey. Remember me?

Hello dear internet world - do you remember me?

 It's me - Blair Pettrey

(Well, do you remember me when I was just ' i am Blair ' and not inboundblair or all about inbound marketing Staunton etc?)

Driving home from picking up the lil one today - I realized a few things.
1.) I've had this blog for over 8 years! INSANITY!
2.) I haven't written in forever...

I realized that I haven't written in forever, because in all actuality, I'm just not cool anymore. Life is pretty much okay - and I have nothing to complain about. There's certainly areas I would love to improve and work on (i.e. my health) - but for the most part, I'm probably better than I have been in a long time, if ever.

I have a career path I love - and one that has afforded me the opportunity to learn so much about the event technology and event planning world (after all, working for the best mobile event app company pretty much means awesomeness).But I've also set my foot in a path where I am learning, growing, and gaining valuable knowledge and opportunities more than I ever have before.

I have repaired broken relationships with family I never thought I would. I have begun to make amends with others. And there's just not much to complain about.

Except the fact that one the 3rd thing I realized while driving home.

3.) I don't remember how to write to just write anymore. I don't know how to write 'content' (or just blog, or journal, or any of those things) without trying to gain traffic or focus on keywords.

Which means my brain has completely shifted from creative to completely analytical, and I hate that.

So, because of that - here I am - iamblair.com - back to the roots - to re-learn. About me. About myself. About the path moving forward. To share the good, and perhaps even the stumbling blocks.

But today? Today there's not many stumbling blocks that lay outside of my own self, and for that I am completely grateful.

Now off to love on that sweet #lilmissPettrey.

Blair Pettrey