06 January, 2015

In the mean time.... #justsaying

It's been almost a year since some random guy in freaking Columbia, South Carolina sent me a message on OkCupid. He was quite the attractive man. Oh my heavens, was he ever.

Yet, far better - he was awkwardly hilarious - and his profile was written with this such awkward humor that was so familiar, I could have sworn I wrote his profile - about myself.

We messaged constantly for 2 weeks. Back and forth. On Okcupid. Then Facebook. Then texts. When I finally admitted I was preparing to move (even further from South Carolina), to Utah for a new job we briefly halted communication - but instead, something silly in us decided to meet halfway in Roanoke Virginia on the 24th.

Like 2 crazy kids - not a 37 year old man and 28 year old woman - without having ever even heard each others voice on the phone - we each drove 4+ hrs to meet the other halfway for a weekend getaway.

I wish I could say Brad and I had some amazing love story of how we met - but truth be told, we met on the corner of a street in downtown Roanoke - after I flipped out on him, because I was convinced he wasn't really going to show up and I had just driven all that way.

Fast forward a few hours - and our first major argument would actually be the saving grace of us ending up staying together that weekend - and into the future.

Ironically, the Monday following our weekend together, the day I was planning to drive across country to Utah, my car's transmission died. It was that very afternoon, amiss trying to figure out what to do about my car - that I was given an unforeseen job offer in none other than Conway, South Carolina.

Thus, after working 5 weeks remotely from Maryland - In the beginning of March, I packed my car with my stuff and headed to South Carolina. Something I would have never done (or accepted) had I not happened to meet the love of my life less than 2 months prior.

Fast forward the 10 months between March 2014 and January 2015 - and the roller coaster of up's and down's that has transpired in my life because of this January 10, 2014 message from some random guy in silly South Carolina - well there could be more than one Lifetime Movie about it.

The range of emotions is literally, all over - as well as the memories, the moments, and the realities.

And while I could sum up the past nearly 3 months in one simple word - Hell, I truly trust in my Heavenly Father's plans for my future. I know that no matter what - His hand has been, and always will be, guiding me along with a purpose that is far bigger and greater than my understanding.

In the mean time.... #justsaying