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"The obscurest epoch is today." - Robert Louis Stevenson

I was re-reading my old LiveJournal from November 2003 (hard to believe that was 11 years ago!). I digress.

The entry to date (Nov 18, 2003) was one of my favorite 'awakening' moments in my faith, and I wanted to share some of it...: (Remember, I'm barely 18, thus my maturity level of writing... is very non existent! #JustSaying):

" i know that our Heavenly Father sent me to SLC for a reason, but the reasoning seems to be getting more and more of what I never expected it to be. On thursday I was at the downtown library parking my car, and when i got out - i founds this flyer... it said "interested in God but not religion?" so I ended up going to this tottally rad church last night, and I haven't felt the spirit, and been so uplifted spiritually like that for so long.. so what did I do? I went and bought a NIV bible. It felt good to be able to read it in my terms again. Of course I'd never tell anyone that, i'd probably have to go confess to my bishop if he knew i was going to non- LDS church."

I then begin to outline many of my misunderstandings... my questions... my doubts with the LDS church - and the 'few' things I did still have a testimony of. 

I know that my spiritual walk has been a hodgepodge of searching and circling, even - but it has always found me in the spot that needs to be.  

Christ behind me, beside me and a head of me. All of my days on this earth, I can not thank my savior enough for that calming assurance, no matter what!