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"The obscurest epoch is today." - Robert Louis Stevenson

I was re-reading my old LiveJournal from November 2003 (hard to believe that was 11 years ago!). I digress.

The entry to date (Nov 18, 2003) was one of my favorite 'awakening' moments in my faith, and I wanted to share some of it...: (Remember, I'm barely 18, thus my maturity level of writing... is very non existent! #JustSaying):

" i know that our Heavenly Father sent me to SLC for a reason, but the reasoning seems to be getting more and more of what I never expected it to be. On thursday I was at the downtown library parking my car, and when i got out - i founds this flyer... it said "interested in God but not religion?" so I ended up going to this tottally rad church last night, and I haven't felt the spirit, and been so uplifted spiritually like that for so long.. so what did I do? I went and bought a NIV bible. It felt good to be able to read it in my terms again. Of course I'd never tell anyone that, i'd probably have to go confess to my…