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Life works it's self out if we merely trust....

I originally started this blog in January of 2009. In January of 2009 - I made some pretty legitimate 'promises' to myself. Things that maybe to some who don't (or didn't at the time) know me - were selfish. But for me - they meant everything that would soon transpire, as a culmination of my belief in ME for once.
My blog here - has taken me through many, MANY journeys.

Faith journeys - Even the lack of faith journeys.

Whether that 'faith' be in a 'religion', a 'G-d', merely in humanity,or even in myself.

This blog has seen my every day up and downs for over 5 years now.

And maybe I've gone back and 'hidden' or 'deleted' some posts - out of fear - fear of being judged, misunderstood, hated.

But even still 90% of my blog is raw and real - it is me. It is ' Blair Pettrey '.

But in 42 days - I won't be 'Blair Pettrey' any more.

I will become ' Blair Eckstrom '.

Something I never would have dreamed of - thought…