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He did not say: You will not be troubled - you will not be tempted - you will not be distressed. But He said: You will not be overcome

My church (the Episcopal church) has been through a heck of a lot of changes in the past 10 years;  having an openly gay Bishop ordained, acceptance of gay marriage, outspokenness on gun control; etc.

While I do not say (or not say) that I agree (or disagree) with any or all of these or none of these;  the priest of my church who left in May, shared an incredible homily on his last Sunday.

Because of all these recent (drastic) changes within the church, it is the first time where not only ordained clergy where being laminated or argued with; but now the lay people too.

He referenced his mother, who had 5 responses, which I think are not only humble & beautiful in response to the afflictions among church members; but in every day matters and circumstances too.

1. "I Love the Lord Jesus Christ."
2. "I pray for the church and world every day."
3. "G-d is in charge."
4."I'm not leaving my church."
5."I'm going to leave the judgemen…