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He came to REDEEM not to DEFINE.

I preface this by asking that you do not misconstrue any of what I say; to say that I believe that life was meant to be easy. As in no way, I believe that is the case. I have written in the past; and I stand by it, that no where in the bible does G-d promise us that life was meant to be easy. That said; He also doesn't tell us He wants us to be miserable. I truly believe that Heavenly Father, wants us to be happy, despite our circumstances, so long as we are trying to cling towards Him. (Happiness: See Psalm 1:1-6, Psalm 37:4, 1 Thes. 5:16, etc.)

I know that I have shared in the past my staunch ' ways' that I once held so close to. And while it may not make sense; as I was once this 'liberally' minded individual, who even in 2012 voted for Gay marriage to pass in Maryland - it seems as soon as those around me seemed to be 'un-accepting' of such; I became that staunch, ignorant conservative.

However, ironically as it may seem, the closer I draw to my faith; the closer I become to my Father in Heaven - the more I am made aware that He lives.... and more (importantly) so , He lives to LOVE.

Today I was inspired... I was reminded that I am full of fault. Driving home from a church service that perhaps to many in my 'times past' could have been seen as different (even my own son said "Mom when will they speak of Jesus"... and this was at an Episcopal church).... All that said; driving home, a car in front of me had a beautiful bumper sticker. (With the Maryland flag on the left side) it read: "People of Faith for Marriage Equality". I shaking my head in agreement, began to ponder. I pondered how I once was so ignorantly full of hate. And then began to think further...

 Ignorance left me thinking 'homosexuality' was a sin. And yet, even then... who was I without sin. Far from perfect; full of sin - and yet I dare be that person to throw the first stone?

Though I began to think further and deeper than such a superficial word or statement. After all, what did "sin" mean to me? For me... Sin meant 'Separation from G-d"... which immediately made me think/realize/be inspired/whatever you may call it - that perhaps sin can differ for individuals. If sin is truly 'separation from G-d" couldn't that precise separateness, differ? While I may feel apart from G-d in one moment or situation; another may not.

In fact, wasn't the entire purpose of Christ's coming in the New Testament to remove the 'old Law' and to remove sin - by offering true redemption by giving himself to us on the cross? His purpose was to REDEEM us not define for us. REDEEM, not DEFINE ( I repeat that purposefully).

Christ clearly and purposefully defines for us his 'most important' rule for us in Matthew 7:12; which says "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law of the Prophets".

Thus; if acts in my own life, separate me from Christ; how should I do anything but to cling to the truthfulness that Christ gives us the possibility of redemption? Further; just because acts separate me personally from Christ, perhaps to others different acts do or don't separate them.

It is just a (huge) reminder; that at the end of the day, I am not perfect. But the light of Christ - that which I chose to call G-d - is perfect; not ME. I am full of imperfection, and no matter how much I desire to cling to Christ; will still fall short. As will others. What is important, is that I love others; I accept others, and I merely offer the same Christ-like love that is given unto me - forgiving, redemptive love - despite anything.

The Imperfect Definition.