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Kind Atheists over Hateful Christians

I struggle with the fact, that those who have been most helpful to me in my life, most willing to land their hand (or the shirt off their back), or do good in this world; are atheist.

... I hope that I am a good example of what Christ taught me to be. I am surely grateful for the 'atheists' whom I love and care about, and whom love and care about me as well.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol

Considering I grew up in a "Smiths & Jones" type area; where people constantly engaged in the competition of latest trends, most expensive cars, salon & spa days like they were as necessary as food in the belly...

I am pretty dang impressed with the way 'we all' have grown up. We grew up to become many things; top 40 recording artists, National Geographic photographers, mothers & fathers, acclaimed attorneys, sought after doctors. Many things.

But what strikes me the most; is that we grew up, and for the most part, we broke down the barriers that kept us entrapped; and instead cultivated a personality, and a society, of love and acceptance.

And that my friends, is something I never thought in a million years, I would say about those from Severna Park, Maryland.

But I am, I can, and I am proud to be able to do such.

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and ways.
And I am proud that I can say that, I, despite my many shortfalls & character flaws;
helped co…

Blair Pettrey and G-d loves you with no exceptions!

May I remind my readers, how much I love my church. I love my church, because my church is based on the gift of love; which is given to us (so we believe) by our savior, Jesus Christ.

And we do not discriminate on who gets that gift.

I am slow to seeing this amazing article, but I share it with you late. A town in western New York was hit by with a wave of vandalism throughout their town one evening, including the town's Episcopal church: the person wrote in big letters, "Can I still get to heaven if I kill myself?". After brief discussion, the church decided to respond in such a way:

A member of the church spray painted a 'reply': "G-d loves you with no exceptions!"

Just one of the many reasons I love being an Episcopalian!