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On Religion and Politics...

There are many GOOD, and VALID reasons I am a Republican.

Your SEO optimized titleBecause I love people; all people, from all places, from all walks of life. And I genuinely want the best for people. I want them to have opportunity. I want them to have success. I want them to have basic needs. I want them to be able to follow their dreams. I want them to not have to worry about EVERY. SINGLE. MOVEMENT. being tracked, watched, & recorded by the government. I want people to live their lives, doing their desires, creating wishes & cultivating realities.

I want opportunities to exist for my children. I do not want my debts, my country's debts, or my states debts - to impede on their desires, their wishes, or their possibilities. Nor do I want the laws and protections that our amazing country created and were founded on; to be infringed and voided for the future of their prosperity.

I fully believe in the limitation of government, and the unrestricted and uninhibited potential f…