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JULY 1, 2012:

Who knew this would happen. Wasn't the world supposed to end 9 times already by now? I guess we have all been graciously held in the safety net until December 2012. I better hurry up and live up all those dreams & ambitions that I have, a life time of memories and desires; wishes and goals; in the next couple months.

Friday, I went to a grocery store that I don't normally go to - and randomly picked a lane (because, really, when picking a lane at the grocery store, it's as though the cosmic stars align and we all so evercarefully magically pick...right? no? oh...) and the cashier was actually from my old church.

My old church : the mormon church. Tomorrow is July 2. Tomorrow would have been exactly 1 year since I got baptized. How fast - and how much - that past 1 year has contained within just those few words "My old church". How far my spiritual path has grown - how it has deviated from everything I thought - (yet again) - and how much more cr…