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ADHD Madness 101

My 16 year old self is kicking my 26 year old self’s ass. Because of who I have ‘become’, of interactions & choices in life that I have made – and the consequences I have and will face because of doing such. 
But mostly because lil miss xXpunkXrawkXx is far from being that person I was then… and yet I am in this weird state of ‘label’ limbo. I have absolutely no fashion sense, nor do I really care to – I’m plain jane, and probably always will be. And yet part of me is female and craves fashion knowhow, and then part of me is still secretly punkrock and wants sleeves and my Monroe piercing back.
And my 16 year old self had knowledge of direction and ambitions I craved. I knew what I wanted to do – and knew what it took to get there. Yet now floater me, is lost – because I have floated for the past 8 years, and now have fallen and have to stop. Wings Chopped, baby.
Women should not be allowed to look at pictures of their romantic partner’s ex-girlfriends. Nor should we be allowed to lo…