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The Book of Miracles, The Plan of Happiness, A Gospel of Truthfulness

I know that I struggle. I know that I have my own personal trials and that I am not always the best example, but if for some reason my life were to end tonight - I would want each of you that reads this blog - to know my true and everlasting understanding of the gospel of Christ. In the few short months since I re-joined the church;, in the many years that I investigated the church - my heart felt, my heart filled, and my spirit knew.
If we live righteously, we can be blessed in amazing ways. And righteously does not mean perfect - for if we were perfect, there would be no need for our savior, no need for this gospel, and no need for this church. 
If you haven't, I would encourage each of you to just meet with the missionaries in your area. Just hear what these young men, who for 2 years selflessly gave up their lives (and paid for it themselves), to serve their Lord - to share with you the gospel of Christ. You can go here to have local missionaries in your area come speak to yo…