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Thanks for the reminder...

This is my 400th blog post, holy heck!

Sometimes when I look in the mirror (oh really, I'm lying, I really mean every time I look in the mirror) I honestly can't see that I've lost weight. I just see a disgusting body. I'm sure lots of women feel the same way, and of course it's not good. But that's the truth. When I see "love your body" video's, I applaud the females for being comfortable enough with the 'imperfect' bodies, but I also want to reach out and tell them that they are living an unhealthy lifestyle, and their bodies are a reflection of that... but I didn't mean to go off/begin to go off on that tangent.

Thankfully a friend reminded me of my dreaded 'wannabe-mormon-mommy' blog, and that plethora of photos on there, that when compared to me now... well look a heck of a lot different. So in a vain manner, I will now show comparisons, so 3 months from now when I respectfully reach my goal weight, I will have even more a…
I want to be like the many other strong women who in my lifetime, and in the lifetimes prior to my own and the lifetimes that will come after mine, pressed forward with their heads held high; fighting for what they knew was right. Unafraid to show my bloodstained fist, pumped in the air!

I feel so strongly that good exists; that it can prevail. That what we're facing as citizens of the United States is not good. What we're facing as citizens of this planet, is not good. I believe in righteousness, and surpassing expectations that false societies set forth for us. We're better than this. We're smarter than this. We're worth more than this. And yet we fill the world with advertisements for Chanel and Armani, when there's not only children thousands and thousands of miles away starving; but down the street. We continue to vote in ignorance, for people who are doing nothing but harming our country more and more.

I was recently told by an apparently very unaware …