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Blair Ranting...

I can not grasp the notion or 'acceptance' of thinking it's right to kill, judge, mistreat or harm in any conspicuous manner another individual because their belief system differs from yours. I don't get it, I won't ever get it. Just as I don't understand mis-treating someone (etc) for their skin color, their hair color, the organizations they belong to, the music they listen to, or the thoughts they feel strongly about. There is great importance and need for every individual to think for themselves. When we find others who believe similar to us, that is wonderful - 2 hands are stronger than 1.

As long as an individual is conducing a moral life - than anything else is irreverent. Of course the idea of moral is subjective, but truthfully - to me - if you're not harming others (or yourself), than carry onward way. Let's discuss, should their be an inclination to do so. Don't be ashamed to share with others what you believe, what you're passionate…

The Charlatan

I have been a complete stranger because I have just been trying to process my thoughts and the situations happening in my life. So much is occurring, happening, taking place - I don't even know where to begin, if it's worth to back track, if it's worth explaining. Of course there are certain things I feel like my voice should be heard on, 'negative' things, but then because of such negative things amazing things have taken place, so I try to trust in the course of nature and life - but I still over-analyze, over-think every thing. Probably my worst 'habit' is that I can't just get over things. No.. I carry them with me, and let it get at me - nag me.

Like how I was fired for (and I kid you not) "being Mormon". Obviously these employer's were the biggest bunch of hypocritical assholes, and the day after I was fired I was offered an incredible opportunity, with so much potential, earning way more income, and such a positive environment (wel…
“I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”
— Lucille Ball