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Today, I was reminded how unique each of our connections is with the individuals we surround ourselves with. More than that, how unique our relationship with our creator may be - whether that creator be God, Nature, Yourself, etc.

I have my own personal beliefs - they are uniquely mine, and I treasure them. I find delight in knowing that others in this world have their own cherished beliefs as well. I don't feel my beliefs are more sacred, more deserving, or more 'right' than another's. Even more, I don't believe I have the right or authority to tell someone they are wrong, or to put words into their mouth for what they claim or truly believe.

The irony in this, is that over and over today I was told that I was going to hell, that I was involved with a cult, etc. The irony, that the 'cult' they were referring to, I am most certainly not a 'member' of; however, I would have (in that moment) much rather been a member of that cult, than the fearful, burning hell "Christian" land they were referring to. A prime example, that we must be careful what we say or preach, and that whatever we say or preach - when we are trying to share a truth/knowledge/belief/etc with someone, it should be done with love, not  in this manner. Had this been my only example of "Christian" love or testimony, I could have easily assumed and judged, and gotten such a sour taste that I never cared to know more.

Just a thought...