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How Yoga Changed My Life...

I took these so that I could a.) Compare/See what I was doing wrong today vs perhaps 3 months from now (i.e., immediately after seeing these on my computer, I realized my hands should have been on my ankles, not on my feet, but oh well!) b.) funny ha ha c.) oh god reality.

But in reality, in the 3 months since I began to do a yoga/pilates combination at my gym, as well as a yoga/meditation/relaxation technique on my own in the past month - I have lifted a great deal of 'life' away from my soul. I have become a calmer, more patient, more loving, more understanding person - I have become a more understanding person of my own self.

I have desires, understandings, and knowledge of the things that I want to change and need to change. I'm being guided to people, opportunities, and understandings of how to go about change. I am seeing clearer than I have - probably in my lifetime.

Yoga has allowed me to gain better flexibility - it strengthens me, it motivates me, it guides me - …