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I've come to the conclusion...:

That my blog should be re-titled one of the following:


And trust me when I promise write,
that these were not my intentions when
I first began my blog.

I began my blog as way to express myself as I began and formed my journey in this life. I had Mitch
and I's family blog, and I felt that, that I was expressing myself too much for a "happy go lucky family
blog"... It started when I pissed the world off with the idea that adoption should be an option for all
And then I went further trying to explain why I thought religion (for me...) was hokey-pokey. After
writing those posts and having 2million people, their friends&family&exmotherinlaws emailing,
commenting and threatning me - I further realized that I wanted to be able to fully express myself,
but not necessarily in the "this is what Mitch or my children believe" so I created I am Blair - Hear Me Roar.
Which sure, that was to complain, and that eventually lead to I am Blair - mostly so I could also talk about
getting my boob job. Or things that were positive, helping me mold & shape, school, etc & so forth.

But really? You can only complain so much...

"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines wimpering and complaining. You make
progress by implementing ideas!"
~ Shirley Hufstedler

So folks? Seriously. I will try and work on that.
I mean, I have some incredibly inspirational blogs I read, from people of all religious backgrounds, all walks and
paths of life. So if you are reading mine thinking "Heck girl you need some help", don't be afraid to comment and
say so, don't be afraid to comment and share YOUR beliefs, YOUR thoughts, etc.
I don't bite......

(No really,I don't. Kick, Scratch, Slap, Scream, sure... Bite? Nah).